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Job Interview Answers

You should stick to 2 – 3 strengths which are relevant to the job you have applied. Do not give one word answer. Use phrases to give the interviewers a better picture of the strengths you have and support each with an example. Interviewers appreciate such example and this demonstrates that you are aware of their underlying intention.

Examples of strengths

a) Strong sense of accountability

b) Team player

c) Positive attitude

d) Stride under stressful situation

e) Competitive in nature

f) Meticulous person

g) Strong sense of integrity

h) Well-organised

i) Focus and see task through till completion

j) Good time management skill

k) Excellent interpersonal skill

3)What are your greatest weaknesses?

Provide 2 such weaknesses at the most. This is a test of your truthfulness and how well-prepared are you at sharing negative information about yourself. Stay cool-headed and use the followings:

a)share weaknesses you have overcome e.g. forgetfulness by using a PDA or diary to keep track of schedule. b)share weaknesses that can be also a strengths such as a hard worker who would put in the extra hours to ensure tasks are completed.

Above all, couple you’re sharing with humour. Be able to laugh at yourself and make it light-hearted.

4)Describe your typical day at work?

You should guide your interviewers through your typical work day with cue like time of the day and the types of works you would undertake. If possible, put forth that you like to be occupied at work and even help other colleagues with their tasks. This would show that you are a team player who enjoys working and have the company’s interest at heart.

Do not give your answer like a bullet train. The purpose is to give the interviewers a good overview of what you do and how you contribute to your present employer or most recent employer. Avoid answer such as “I would do whatever work my boss give me for the day.”, “I would take longer than usual lunch break as I enjoy talking with my colleagues” and “I look forward to knock-off time as I normally have nothing much to do”.

5)How would you describe your present or most recent boss?

Keep the answer simple and avoid revealing too much especially if you have a tough time managing your boss and he/she is a reason you are exploring other employment opportunity. You may reply that you boss is good at his/her work. And stop at that.