Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Job Search Hazard?

After a while workers stop innovating by believing in their past performances.  Workers who have used successful methodologies tend to rely on those in future situations.  Experience helps guide the way in new or repetitive endeavors.

The research I read years ago segmented workers into groups.  Employees with 18 plus years on the job were cataloged as set in their ways and that they believe the organization can’t live without them.  As a group, they are hard to satisfy because they remember the old days when things were better.

Human Resource managers often brand the experienced worker as self-reliant and knowledgeable, but resistant to change with a total loss of all ability to innovate.  Contrast this with the complaint by many experienced workers claiming there is a lot of age discrimination out there.  Just because it is true that jobs are going to younger workers, doesn’t mean it is age discrimination.  The correlation between the two facts is not necessarily that one causes the other.  My discussions with HR people sets the top three causes as:

  1. Experience interferes with innovation.
  2. Experienced workers get complacent and lack the drive of younger workers.    
  3. Experienced workers long for the days of two martini lunches when we had plenty of staff and live personal assistants (secretaries).

You can’t do anything to convince the hiring managers your age isn’t what it is.  That’s a solid undisputable fact.  Knowing the real reason for the reluctance to hire the experienced worker is key to creating a communication plan that turns these objections into assets.   Include in your resume and personal brand vitality in the future by building on the past.

7 phrases and keywords you can use to show innovation on your resume and personal brand.

  • ·         continuous learning
  • ·         adoption of new processes
  • ·         Ability to synergize raw talent with experienced staff resulting in many new creative solutions.
  • ·         Revamped processes to incorporate concepts of social media to improve team communication.
  • ·         Explored adoption of new processes that resulted in.
  • ·         Consistently question the standardized methodology to ensure  …
  • ·         Incorporated new members into established teams to ensure vibrant examination of …
  • ·         Challenged
  • ·         I want to join a team where my experience can pull together brilliant ideas to create a better way of …