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Motivation Letter Sent In E-mail

An experienced job hunter knows well that he has to enclose his motivational letter in the envelope beside the curriculum vitae. But where should he put his letter, if he sends the documents electronically? What does the job seeker have to keep in mind if he would like to get a real position by sending his virtual letter?

The expression “motivational letter” well indicates that it is necessary to put the letter above the curriculum vitae, and to place them together in the envelope. But this rule does not provide a guideline what the applicant should do with the motivational letter if he has to send it via the internet.

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“The best solution is if the applicant sends the motivational letter and the curriculum vitae separately in attached files”, says Akos Jahnyi, the division leader of the GWH PLC. If he does this, the person making the selection has an opportunity to open the curriculum vitae only if he wishes to see it merely, or the documents are pintable without any difficulties. Of course, one should not send the letter empty even in this case. Besides the text “I am sending the documents enclosed” the applicant should write the address, greet the reader and say goodbye. One should not forget to fill in the subject field of the e-mail and if the advertisement has got a reference number it should not be omitted either.

A HR specialist does not consider it a serious mistake if the job seeker does not attach two individual files but he sends his curriculum vitae together with the motivational letter in one file, or he makes a copy of the motivational letter with the help of the e-mail program onto the surface for sending messages.

It is necessary to cut the motivational letter to suit the firm the applicant wants to apply for. It is even more important than in case of ones sent by post in a traditional way. The specialists making the selection know well that searching for a position on the internet offers an opportunity for the applicant to be able to send his curriculum vitae and his motivational letter in a big quantity to many directions within short time, possibly without thinking it over whether he really wants or is able to accept responsibility in the advertised position. However, the motivational letter cut to suit the advertising company convinces the one making the selection that the applicant applied for the position after careful consideration. This way in the selection procedure he can secure a considerable benefit opposite the ones using the scheme.