Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Resume is no place for a hobby

Finding a job is not a hobby.  Be cautious of what you list on your resume as a hobby.  A recruiter friend of mine recently told me about a resume that a candidate submitted to her which included the hobby “Reloading Bullets”.  Sportsmanship is a fine hobby, mentioning it on a resume may scare some human resources screeners away.  Think about it.  Would you want to recommend a candidate who touts his gun hobby?  It’s just not smart.  While there is nothing wrong with the hobby, it just isn’t going to gain you any points unless you are applying to the NRA; and then it would be listed as a skill.

Golfers should be aware that screeners can view that group of people as “always wanting to sneak out for a round.”  Is this generalization true?  Probably not.  Nevertheless, why include it unless you are applying to by a caddy or golf pro.

Knitters, does including your hobby make you a better candidate?  I don’t think it gives you an advantage over other candidates, unless you want them to refer to you as “you know the knitter candidate.”

I wouldn’t even use up the space to list your hobbies.  It sends a message that you don’t have many achievements.  What a great way to write a resume.