Saturday, July 21, 2018
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The Informal Register

Some students think that adding lots of numbers is going to be really good not of course that anyone here would do anything so devious well you know I want to get to 0.4 when I’m going this is what I said I was going to spend more time on we want you to write clearly many of the sources that you have to read are not particularly clearly written well what does it mean to write clearly how do you go about doing it well I think one reason why it’s often a problem is that there are different registers in the English language this one you’d only find in written English nobody speaks like this and it can be rather hard to take in if you’ve got sentence after sentence after sentence that goes like this this is the standard register and that’s the one that I suggest you adopt these come from what used to be called the Commonwealth style manual.

But it’s now been outsourced to some private firm but it’s the style and it will still and if you in a big issue organization they’ve probably got a copy of it floating around and this is the informal one now when we’re talking when we’re talking in class when teachers are talking to you they’ll drift between the standard and the informal register that’s the way we talk most of the way we talk is in the informal register but when we’re writing we we up the standard a little and we go for the standard register usually but you will find a lot of stuff in the formal register and that does make it hard to understand would you ever use it yourself well if you were in a setting where you thought that was expected of you and that people wouldn’t respect what you done wouldn’t pay attention to what you’d done unless you puffed it up a bit and made it pretty grand well then you might try out that formal register.

So it’s a good idea to know how to use it but it’s not a good idea to use it if you want the millions to read what you’ve written or even if you want to busy minister to read what you’ve you’ve written I wouldn’t use it um well what is this oh yes that’s just my source note you see I don’t have it system writing drafts not going to talk a lot about writing drafts except saying that it’s very important and I know your tutors don’t have time to read them but think of all the other people in your life that you can inflict drafts upon colleagues partners older children everyone’s got their uses as a reader of drafts a 15 year old child might not be able to follow your argument but they’d be able to tell you whether they could understand the words your spouse is perhaps used to hearing you talk about work would be more useful a work colleague.